Prototyping and manufacturing

We accompany you in the creation and optimization of the prototype as well as in the introduction of mass production

With our principles of lean manufacturing, continuous improvement and traceability, we provide to our customer a high level of quality regardless of the order quantity. We are able to satisfy all your needs.


Gesitronic is ready to help you with:

Sharing our own experience

Optimization and construction of the prototype and the 0-series

Draw up and execution of quality protocols

Draw up and management of the bill of materials and production documents

Industrialization oriented to production and implementation of Lean production concept

Definition and implementation of the packaging and product identification

Production of small series, even one piece and mass production carried out in Switzerland or by our partners in Europe / Asia / Africa

Do you have a project? Let's talk about it

You can always count on our advice and experience from concept until to delivery of your order. Our specialists will find tailor-made solutions for your every needs.